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I provide educational resources for elementary music educators looking to engage students with 21st-century teaching.

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Add some color to your room, aid your visual learners, and reinforce classroom concepts using this boho music room decor kit! You’ll be known as the trendy teacher and set an upbeat tone for your students. Currently, this set includes 17 wonderful products like posters, a bulletin board kit, editable welcome banners, and even a word wall!

Join in the fun! Escape rooms are a trending way for students to practice musical skills and show what they know. In this fun twist on the popular group activity, students will work individually or in teams to crack codes and solve puzzles using their musical understandings. No additional purchases are necessary to use these escape rooms!

Incredibox is a free website that allows students to use pre-recorded loops in order to create beats that sound good every time. Incredibox can be used on most computers and tablets and serves as a great tool for in-person learning, distance learning, and hybrid situations! The lesson plans are designed for ultimate flexibility so that you can utilize them in a way that best fits your students. This lesson set/project can be completed in as few as two 30-minute sessions or can be extended to four or more sessions depending on your class’s needs.

About Laleh

Music and technology have been my two loves from a young age – and now I get to combine them through Inspired & Wired Music! I’ve come a long way from taking magnets to my dad’s floppy discs (sorry dad…). These days, I use my curiosity to create music resources that inspire students to be creative and, most importantly, be themselves!

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Top 5 Elementary Music Websites to Integrate Technology into Music Class

Now more than ever, kids have access to Internet-enabled devices, whether that’s at school or at home. While live music making is at the heart of an elementary general music program, there are a ton of fantastic applications for technology in your elementary music class. Check out my top five music tech websites, complete with with lesson ideas, below!


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Carnival of the Animals Digital Music Escape Room

What others say about the Carnival of the Animals Digital Music Escape Room