5 Music Teacher Gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Although they may not see your child 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, your child(ren)’s music teacher can still be such a great influence! Unfortunately, specials teachers (music/art/PE/STEAM etc…) sometimes end up forgotten as parents express their appreciation to teachers, particularly during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Teacher Appreciation Week in the U.S. traditionally falls in the first week of May. During this time, parents/guardians often treat their child(ren)’s teachers to small gifts, catered lunches, or even the gift of time. (Just ask any teacher how much they’d love a room helper or a sub even just for an hour!)

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Although this is a list of tangible music teacher gifts that you can purchase, know that your music teacher will appreciate a hand-written thank you note just as much as, if not more than, anything money can buy.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what your child’s teacher likes, gift cards are always a great way to go! Consider popular stores and sites like Amazon, Target, or Starbucks if you want to stay general. If you want to get teacher-specific, consider Lakeshore Learning, West Music, or Michael’s.

Mugs and Glasses

Most teachers I know survive off of coffee – yes, even though we know it’s bad for our voices! We’ve still gotta roll out of bed somehow. I’ve started a small collection of mugs at school. That way when I forget my drink at home or simply need a refill, I use the coffee pot in the teacher’s lounge and my handy dandy mugs for some much-needed lesson planning juice.


Teachers are always blowing through stationary. Taking notes for ourselves, adding notes on student work, keeping papers organized – even techy teachers like me have to use some amount of paper!

Okay seriously… recorder-themed pens?? I’m in love!

Classroom Decor

Decor can transform a classroom from a cinderblock cell to a homey place for students to learn. Unfortunately, many teachers spend a significant amount of their own money decorating their classrooms. Beyond initial setup, teachers repair or replace items that have broken. Personally, I know I go through pillows like crazy. The kids love them, which is great, but they go through a lot of wear and tear!

Honestly, these coasters are so cute I might just take them home!

And it’d be so awesome to keep programs/tickets from school concerts in a shadow box like this!

My older kids especially like when I turn off the overhead lights and turn on my little lamps and neon decorations around the room. It helps create a calm ambience and I think the upper grades feel a little cooler hanging out that way!

Clothing & Accessories

Depending on how well you/your child know your music teacher’s style, this can be a slightly riskier but practical and thoughtful way to go!

This would be so cute with a song from a concert or from music class!

Got an idea I missed?

Make sure to drop your music teacher gift ideas in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram, where I like to share all kind of music teaching ideas!

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