Rhythm Board Game Bundle for Elementary General Music

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These fun digital rhythm review board games will have students excited to show off their musical knowledge! Students practice their note reading and aural skills while working independently or cooperating as teams to be the first ones to the finish line. This board game comes in both PowerPoint and Google Slide formats and could easily be used for a whole class review, in centers, or in small groups.

This bundle includes all 7 levels of the game and covers the following concepts:

  • Quarter note (ta)
  • Pair of eighth notes (ti-ti)
  • Quarter rest (ta rest)
  • Half note
  • Half rest
  • Whole note
  • Whole rest
  • Eighth note
  • Eighth rest
  • Four Sixteenth Notes
  • Syncopa (dotted quarter note + eighth note)
  • Eighth Note Triplets (triola or triple-ti)
  • Tika-ti (sixteenth notes + eighth note)
  • Ti-tika (eighth note + sixteenth notes)

Each level references rhythms from previous levels so that students are always reviewing old content while learning new content.

Each game showcases a variety of question types to get students thinking. Question types include:

  1. true/false
  2. clap the rhythm
  3. name the note
  4. rhythm equations
  5. compare the measures
  6. aural skills/rhythmic dictation (name the notes you hear)

Audio questions and answers are provided for relevant questions!

Any time that rhythm syllables are used, the text is editable so that you can match the game to the rhythm syllables that you use in your classroom.

In addition, the directions on the “How to Play” slide are editable so that you can add, omit, or change information as needed.


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Rhythm Board Game Bundle for Elementary General Music

Original price was: $21.00.Current price is: $15.00.