Boho Pastel Music Classroom Decor Bundle


Add some color to your room, aid your visual learners, and reinforce classroom concepts using this bright rainbow music room decor kit! You’ll be known as the trendy teacher and set an upbeat tone for your students.

Currently, this set includes 10 wonderful products! Specifically, products included are:

  • “Welcome to Music” Banner with Blank Templates
  • Curwen Solfege Hand Sign Dots
  • Curwen Solfege Rectangular Posters
  • Guitar Chord Chart Posters
  • Ukulele Chord Chart Posters
  • Word Wall
  • Music Instrument Alphabet Posters
  • Instrument Labels
  • Rhythm Posters (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Rhythm Posters (Thin)

Be sure to check out each of the product links above for details on each item in the classroom decor bundle.

If you are interested in boho neutral decor, take a look at this bundle: Boho Music Classroom Decor Bundle

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Boho Pastel Music Classroom Decor Bundle