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Incredibox is a free website that allows students to use pre-recorded loops in order to create beats that sound good every time. Incredibox can be used on most computers and tablets and serves as a great tool for in-person learning, distance learning, and hybrid situations! Check out the preview above for a sneak peek.

Incredibox is great for teaching:

  • form
  • mood
  • instrumentation
  • beatboxing
  • storytelling through music

This lesson set shares many similarities to my Groove Pizza Lesson Plans, but less difficult/more simplified. The lesson plans are designed for ultimate flexibility so that you can utilize them in a way that best fits your students. This lesson set/project can be completed in as few as two 30-minute sessions or can be extended to four or more sessions depending on your class’s needs.

Throughout the lessons, students will…

  • review the concept of high/middle/low
  • identify the parts of a drum kit (bass/kick drum, snare, hi hat)
  • connect beatboxing to parts of a drum kit and high/middle/low sounds
  • identify binary, ternary, and rondo form and/or the beginning, middle, and end of a song
  • compose their own beats
  • identify emotions in a story and recreate them musically


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Incredibox Project Lesson Plans | Music Technology