Carnival of the Animals Digital Music Escape Room


Uh oh! The carnival of the animals is about to begin, but the animals have forgotten their parts! Can you help them sort it out before the show starts?

In this fun, digital twist on the popular group activity, students will work individually, in teams, or as a class to answer music-related questions. Can you escape the room in time?

This escape room is designed for young learners in mind, particularly kindergarten and first grade. Students follow a linear path through the Google Slides or PowerPoint – no external links, copying documents, or submitting forms! This room includes 5 multiple-choice questions to help you organize the carnival before show time. The files also include a teacher guide to help you feel comfortable running the game – or even have a parent, IA, or sub run it.

No additional purchases are necessary to use this escape room! Don’t worry about buying UV lights, glow-in-the-dark markers, or other oddities – this escape room is 100% digital!

Students should be familiar with the following concepts:

  • high vs low sounds
  • some instruments used in Carnival of the Animals (e.g. violin)
  • dynamics (pianissimo, piano, forte, and fortissimo)
  • tempo (presto/largo)
  • articulation (staccato)

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Carnival of the Animals Digital Music Escape Room